LuLu Salon & Skin Care



Lu Lu Salon offers a personal and unique experience when it comes to getting your hair done. Owner and head stylist Wes is a one-man operation. A master stylist with 13 years of experience, he specializes in color, highlights, hair extensions,facials, and even spray tanning. My customers notice the difference with my salon. They consider it one of the best hair salons in the city. They get personal attention,” says Wes.

Clients never have to worry about changing hands in the salon because Wes is the first person you talk to on the phone, and the last person you see when you head out of the salon. His clients always feel the consistency of customer service and this helps him develop a personal relationship with his clients and the style they want.


Established in 2005, Wes is the Salon Owner/Stylist. The salon’s name comes from his love for French culture. Raised in Egypt, Wes garnered his education from Vidal Sassoon in London, has over twelve years experience with hair, skin and make-up, he has an understanding of all types of hair and skin. His passion and commitment to clients’satisfaction is what continues to energize him.

Wes’s philosophy is that beauty and style are a key component to a person’s life by adding significant confidence. He believes this is reflected in our daily actions, keeping us motivated and successful. Wes educates his clients on style maintenance to ensure their desired look continues when they leave the salon, without having to pay for expensive products and services.